Meet our Team

Born out of a vision of our founder, Beth Greenman, the IN HIS STEPS (IHS) concept was something that came to Beth that she just couldn’t ignore. From Beth’s initial vision came a series of events and bestowed blessings that are too difficult to explain as only pure chance. One by one, people came across Beth’s path inspired and drawn by the power of the IHS concept – each being uniquely touched by what IHS means to them. The individuals came together as a cohesive team of amazingly talented and complementary professionals, each of whom have made a generous contribution and lasting impression on the launch of the IHS brand.

Beth Greenman, Founder

Beth Greenman (Founder)

Beth had a career in sales and marketing before taking a break to focus on community volunteering and raising her and her husband’s son. As the leader of IHS, she brings the vision, passion and energy that every new venture needs to stay on track with its original mission and be successful.

Read Worth (Chief Shoe Designer and Manufacturing Manager)

Read brings 40 plus years of creative managerial experience to IHS, including design, merchandising, product development, production, aesthetic and brand image management. He enjoys leveraging an array of experiences, demonstrating his flexibility in addressing consumers’ evolving needs. Read has been in leadership roles and proven his ability to deliver strong and sustained results for some of the most important brands in the world, including Ralph Lauren, Polo, Keen, Nike, Swiss Gear and Lonely Planet.

Michelle Nielsen (Branding & Marketing)

Michelle has spent more than 15 years helping clients create compelling brands that engage their audiences and expand their businesses. As a strategist she has led a wide range of branding efforts for global clients in various industries across retail, food, consumer packaged goods, technology, and more including Martha Stewart, Johnson & Johnson, Optimum, Juan Valdez, Columbia Sportswear, Kellogg’s and Keebler.

J.P. Bauman (Strategic Advisor)

J.P. is a venture capital investor who has spent his career building successful early-stage companies as an investor, board member and entrepreneur.